Goatmilk Festival


Vom 24. bis 26. Mai 2013 wird das GOATMILK Festival in Bela Rechka, Bulgarien stattfinden.

Wolfgang Dokulil und Elisabeth Vykoukal vom Kunstbetrieb Wien werden daran teilnehmen:

Art for All
How to make a sculpture together – with Wolfgang Dokulil
(Kunstbetrieb, Vienna)
(3 hours)
Open Air 
The beauty of art is more likely in producing art and less looking at art, says Wolfgang Dokulil, a sculptur who lives and works in Vienna (kunsterfahrung.wordpress.com).
In a collective art project the participants experience joy and gain experience through productive, creative work. One just has to get involved in the beautiful adventure of creative activity with an uncertain outcome.
The key words for this experience are re-cycling, motivation and joint action.

Selfawareness: group dreams
Workshop by Elisabeth Vykoukal (Vienna)
Big hall
In telling a dream we give space for new experiences for ourselves and for those who listen. The individual impressions of the dream become triggers for exchange and encounter within the group.
The work on dreams is based on the method of free association. Each member of the group contributes personal ideas and this leads to self-awareness and the establishment of commonality.
Elisabeth Vykoukal is a group psychoanalyst in Vienna where she teaches at the Sigmund Freud University. She is also a friend of Bela Rechka. In 2008 she hold the lecture “Why we need to forget?”

Klostergasse 11, 1180 Wien