Do 9. Mai 2019 19:30 DJ Extended feat. Kazimieras Jušinskas (LT)

is an experimental improvised noise music duo from Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Two instruments – turntable and alto saxophone in a very unusual role: turntable used as very rich of expression instrument, just as saxophone is on the edge between acoustic and electronic sound and in the end you cannot tell which instrument is doing what. This music will take you to many places blending meditative soft noise, elegant melody lines, almost unrecognizably damaged 100 years old vinyls, interactive and intimate conversations between sax and turntable, hard glitchy sounds, looped experimental beats and extremely extended techniques of both instruments. Every show of this duo is different, each time bringing different qualities of unique and mesmerizing sound.

, Klostergasse 11 (Ecke Kreuzgasse 64), 1180 Wien

Eintritt ist frei, über Spenden freuen wir uns. 

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