Sa 3. Juli 2021 14:00 – Shaping the Air

Yoram Rosilio und Roozbeh Nafisi.

“Roozbeh Nafisi is a musician. as a kid in tehran, he started off by playing harmonica and then santur. now he improvises mainly on the santur and composes for other instruments. roozbeh believes that working closely with other humans empowers him to be the best he can be”. 

Yoram Rosilio is a Parisian musician. He lived for a long time in Morocco where he studied music and traditional instruments to integrate them into his practice of free improvisation. https://yobabass.wixsite.com/yo
This meeting will set up an hybride language made of traditional and improvised contemporary materials for a new harmony of 21th Century. “

Eintritt frei.
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