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Elisabeth Kelvin, Christopher Brooks, Paul Eiser

ImprovFreedom is centered in Vienna and connected to the world! The concept brings Elisabeth’s expertise and experience together with a desire to improvise with freedom and fluency. ImprovFreedom offers the opportunity to adventure into the world on free improv through the online weekly sessions. Since 2020, the uncertainties of life on a global scale have challenged us with what we are able to do in the live performance sector.
Whether it’s an inspiring quasi-tune or a commitment to play music from the heart of the pyjama, free improv embraces no traditions while establishing a few of its own. In the time that the global online troupe ImprovFreedom has been together as a melange of acoustic, electric, movement, visual artists, and performers, it has captured the spirit of the Lockdown-Hausschuhe-style online event experience in free improvisation with super sophistication and fostered a novel performance approach to roll out some truly wild sounds and moves. 
The time line that leads to why ImprovFreedom is vital to all creative people:
2019: SARS-CoV-2 turned our lives inside out. What was private is public and what was assumed is scrutinised. The live-music scene went into a deep coma. Online opportunities opened up the way we communicate and meet other people.2020: It is with perseverance and continued necessity to make music with other fine musicians as well as share my consummate knowledge that ImprovFreedom was developed. Designed for beginners, inquisitive learners, seasoned professionals desiring change, these powerful, experimental sessions have more than meets the eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and mind.2021: Time to recalibrate and celebrate. This is a drop-in weekly session for those interested in participating in the realm of free improvisation. Delve into new and remixed sounds, sights, movements, words, and ideas. Today: At last! We were able to connect for the first time live at NIM, Salzburg with Paul Eiser and Pit Kinzer (DE) on EWI. Now our first live performance in Vienna!
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Brief Biographies
Christopher Brooks, violin (USA)
Christopher Brooks was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He began studying the violin at PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights. Attending the New School of Music in Philadelphia, Brooks studied violin with Jascha Brodsky and Geoffrey Michaels.
He has played chamber music and been a member of numerous orchestras including Orquesta Bética Filarmónica de Sevilla (concertmaster), the Frysk Orkest in the Netherlands, and the Lancaster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg Symphonies (concertmaster). Currently, he plays with the Allegro Chamber Orchestra in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
In addition to his broad experience in orchestral and chamber music, Brooks has performed with numerous improvisation-based ensembles: including folk, rock, jazz, klezmer, and freely-improvised accompaniments for modern dance, such as the score for „Awakened Ruins“ with Tori Lawrence. About this piece, Lisa Kraus of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: “ The piece begins with the sound of Christopher Brooks’s violin spectacularly reverberating off the domed ceilings…“
Currently he performs with the polymorphous trio Kenor and the Zoom-based ImprovFreedom Sessions, organized by Elisabeth Kelvin.  
Among his publications are:Architectural AcousticsThe Creative Violinist: Integrating Technique and Music through ImprovisationBemused: Poems Written After Dark

Paul Eiser, saxophones (AUT)
 Musikalischer Werdegang Paul Eiser Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Baritone Saxophone. 3 Jahre Gitarrenunterricht während der Schule Beschäftigung mit Jazz /Aventgarde seit 1979 Wien Beginn des Saxophon-Unterrichts 1980 Intensiver beruflicher Werdegang als Haubenkoch, Küchenchef, Meisterprüfung, Gastronom (Wien,New York, Salzburg ) 2012 Wiederaufnahme der Saxophonausbildung bei Jakob Aistleitner, Peter Fürhapter, Kurt Gersdorf Seit 2010 Beschäftigung mit freier Improvisation. Gemeinsame Projekte mit Hermann Stangassinger, Wolfgang Bretl und Norbert Zuckerstätter. Ab 2018 Mitglied im „Nim Orchestra“ Salzburg („Nimandhear „Verein für neue und improvisierte Musik) Freie Improvisation-Sessions: Susanna Gartmayr, Didi Kern, Thomas Berghammer, Gitti Grat, Jakob Gnigler, Robert Kainer, Tatjana Feichtmayer, Amy Denio, Gerry Sauber, Michael Fischer, Andreas Tentschert, Jordina Millá, Irene Kepl, Franz Pillinger, Christoph Lindenbauer, Angelica Costello, Christoph Kruzmann, Gerhard Laber, Werner Raditschnig,“Zseitenspringer-Ottobeurer Kunsttage im Herbst 2021

Elisabeth Kelvin, woodwinds (AUT)
Maintaining a diverse practice in music performance and visual arts Elisabeth Kelvin energetically and enthusiastically paints what she hears and plays what she sees. Her journey is wholly interdisciplinary as she creates multiple artistic paths as a clarinet and saxophone teacher, performer, composer, and visual artist. Elisabeth performs professionally in the USA, Europe, and Australia, presenting her own compositions, collaborations, and jazz greats.  Her musical practice in contemporary music focusses on woodwind instruments, primarily clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone, as well as composition and improvisation. 
Creative activities have led her to numerous conferences, masterclasses, workshops and retreats in Australia, USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, France, Italy Germany, and Austria. Recently, she was invited to perform in St Ruprecht’s New Music Series, Währinger Improv Festival (Vienna), Frühlingsfest at Galerie Alma Kulturcafe (Vienna), V:NM Festival Graz/Vol.12 (Graz), COOK, EAT and CLEAN/Smoke and Mirrors Saloon Festival, Viennese premiere of Breathcore in collaboration with the Belgium-based new music ensemble Ictus at Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), and ISOS Spirals Concert Series (Amsterdam), Hear me Roar Women’s Festival (Vienna), Grotto Futura (Vienna), and Lärm Music Festival (Vienna.)  In 2019 – 2020 Elisabeth took part in collaborative social media projects with the international arts organization REACT (Melbourne), Raw Matters (Vienna), MAF (Cork), Valek (Vienna), and Kunstbetrieb (Vienna). Elisabeth launched her professional visual arts practice in 2000, and since then has staged solo exhibitions and participated in collaborative shows in Australia, USA, and Austria. She became an active member of the One+2 Artist Gallery and Studios, Sydney in 2009. 
Her visual art work, abstractions of body movement and music, encompasses a range of media including oil, watercolor, pastel, ink and mixed media. She regularly exhibits at various Viennese galleries and festivals. Career highlights include a well-received solo exhibition, Harbour City Tones and Colours, at Salerno Gallery (Sydney), and a series of solo and group shows in Contemplor Galerie (Vienna), Reinl Galerie (Vienna), and Historisches Volksmuseum Konstante Art Fair (Vienna). Of special note is that her visual arts exhibitions include related performance elements. 
Elisabeth currently teaches music, art, and dance to children of all ages and – along with being a founding member of both The Music Movement Project and Gentle Enquiry – performs throughout Europe as a soloist and with Ozmosis, Vienna Improvisors Orchestra, Free Form-Just Music, Stolen Moments, and Trio Amacord+. During the COVID-19 Crisis, Elisabeth initiated the Monday Night C19 Improv Sessions, ImprovFreedom, and Art in the Age of Isolation, all online multimedia improvisation projects that explore ideas on new ways to prepare multidisciplinary performances.

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