Do 5. Mai 2022 19:30 – Instant Dialogues

„Instant Dialogues“ ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe in der jeweils zwei Künstler_innen mit unterschiedlichen medialen Hintergründen auf der Bühne zusammenkommen. Es entstehen Dialoge, im Sinne einer „Instant Composition“ – Alles entsteht im Moment, nichts was auf der Bühne passiert ist geprobt oder vorbereitet. Die unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Ausdrucksweisen, Persönlichkeiten und medialen Sprachen die hier zusammenkommen kontrastieren, verschwimmen und werden zu einem gemeinsamen Ganzen, das von der Unmittelbarkeit, und Unverfrorenheit des Moments lebt.

NACHTRAG, das Video von der Performance:

First Duet : Florent Dupuit : Saxophone (Paris) & Elena Waclawiczek (choregraphy)

Second Duet : Yoram Rosilio : Contrabass & Olivia Hild (Choregraphy)

Florent Dupuit

Florent Dupuit won two gold medals at the ENM de Montreuil (saxophone and chamber music). He also trained in baroque flute for fifteen years.

Important member oF the « Ping Machine » orchestra by Fred Maurin from 2002 to 2018, Florent Dupuit also played under the direction of Sylvain Kassap, François Corneloup, Glenn Ferris, in the Eddy Louiss orchestra from 1992 to 1996 as well as numerous groups. Parisians ranging from jazz to rock both on stage and in the studio.

He has also participated in numerous creations in contemporary music and was artistic director of the Shaï label from 1998 to 2000.

Currently, he participates in the ARBF collective of Yoram Rosilio, is part of the Pedro Kouyate quartet, the group Apkass.

He is currently the leader of the Alice’s mirror quartet with which he released the album “Apparent Disorder”. 

Elena Waclawiczek

performance, visual art, video, dance

www.elenawaclawiczek.comeli.waclawiczek@reflex.at – +436504201189

Born: 1986 in Oberpullendorf/Austria

Studies: University of Applied Arts of Vienna and, Aalto University of Art and Design Helsinki (Study: Environmental Art), Graduated 2017


„LiSi*A – Liberating Structures for improvised Art“, Foundation of the association with Anna Adensamer, Agnes Distelberger, Jasmin Shaitl, Vienna-Salzburg/Austria

„Instant Dialgues”, Series of events in cooperation with different artists from various fields, organised and performed with Yoram Rosilio, KunstbeTrieb/Vienna/Austria

“S.p.i.m.e”, Improvised music and performance, presented by the european Project SHARE, ANIS GRAS, Arceuil – Paris / France

„Intimate Stage“, Performance and filmprojekt with Anna Adensamer und Yoram Rosilio, Presentation und Performance: Festival „ZwischenRäume“, Salzburg/Austria

„Klangkörper“, Sound- und theaterperformance – online, with Yoram Rosilio (doublebass), KunstbeTrieb/Vienna/Austria

„Polylog“, Transmedial performance – online, with artist collective, KunstbeTrieb, Vienna/Austria

„Immaterial body“, Solo- artist in residence and performance, ANIS GRAS, Arcueil/France

„Berührungsübungen“, Dance- and soundperformance, with Yoram Rosilio, at the exhibition-opening, Klaus Gmoser, Gallery St.Martin, Graz/Austria


„A present past game“, Solo- artist in residence and performance, ANIS GRAS, Arcueil/France

“Punk Puppet Ritual”, Performance, with Anna Adensamer, Uygur Vural, Yoram Rosilio, Denny Voch, ANIS GRAS, Arceuil-Paris / France

“Café des Enfant, 1,2,3 Poéme” , Performance and Poetry, with Anna Adensamer, Uygur Vural, Yoram Rosilio, Denny Voch. ANIS GRAS, Arceuil-Paris / France

“Chili Jazz” Radical improvised music and performance festival, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal / Austria

„MIA – Encontros de Música Improvisada“ as performer and conductor (improvisation orchestra), Atougia da Baleia / Portugal

“Schnittpunkte der Musik”, Radical improvised music, performance and painting, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal / Austria

“S.p.i.m.e”, Improvised music and performance, ANIS GRAS, Arceuil – Paris / France


“Chili Jazz _ Radical Improvised Music and Performance Festival“, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitzthal / Austria

“Schnittpunkte der Musik – Improvised Music and Performance Festival“, Heiligenkreuz in Lafnitzthal / Burgenland

“VERA IKONE”, Solo- exhibition and performance, Galerie Mana, Vienna/Austria

2017 „Hier Lebend Raus!” Poetry, music, theater, with Marek Zink, Mike’s Werkstatt, Vienna/Austria

2015 „Haut: Schatten“, Performance with Anna Adensamer, Galery Kunstbad Graz/Austria

2014 (birth of my daughter…)

„Unter freiem Himmel“, Art-happening with artist collective, Festival Lendwirbel, Graz/Austria


„AXTtütü“, Performance with Anna Adensamer, Christina Ruf, Katarina Ruf, Festival Herbstklang – European-Theater-Night, Vienna/Austria

„Dream“, Group performance, concept: Zala Pezdir, Etno-Histeria-Festival, Lublijana,Piran,Koper,Gračišče/ Slovenia

„Abjekt“, Performance, Galerie Centrum, Graz/Austria


Stay in Finland – one year…

„Testaushalli“, Group exhibition, Espoo/Finland

Artist in Residence in Koli Rhynnänen/Finland

„Lasten Taide Menu“ (Children Art Menu), Art workshops and interaktive performance for children, Koli/Finland.

„Fire“, Happening in cooperation with local artists, Northkarelia/Finland


„OrnaMental Structures – Figure and Ground”, Group exhibition, Concept: Danica Dakic, CeKa Charlama, Sarajevo

„Giant Cloud“, Groupexhibition, Children-Biennale, Venice/Italy

2010 „Untiteld“, Perfomance, Galery Sonnensegel, Vienna/Austria

„Fresco on a wall of Soweto“, Social art project with artist collective, Soweto/Johannesburg/Southafrika.

Reading: Poetry at the exhibition opening of Marianne Vlaschits, Kunstfabrik Großsiegharts/Niederösterreich

„Salon körperhafter Dinge“, Gruppenausstellung im Salon5, Wien

„Baum sucht Raum“, Group exhibition, Salon XI, Vienna/Austria

Yoram Rosilio

Yoram Rosilio is a bassist in the fields of Jazz, improvised, contemporary and traditional music. He stands as a leader and composer of the International Big Band “Anti Brain Rubber Factory” and in the sextet « Tikkun » . Taking unconventional paths, he spent several months in New York, Mexico and years in Morocco to go and meet artists and different practices. His has been working with dance, performance, painting, Theatre, sculpture and other disciplines. Since 2018, he is the Co-founder and co-organizer of the prodgect S.H.A.R.E ( European network in creative music and improvised arts) and the Organizer of the SPIME (International Festival of improvisation in Paris). 

Olivia Hild

Olivia Hild is a contemporary artist, living and working in Vienna, navigating within fine arts and performing arts. Hild studied Contemporary Dance, Choreography and Fine Arts in MUK Vienna (BA) and Bezalel Academy Jerusalem (MFA). In her practice, Hild thinks of choreography as an expanded artform, which is not bound to movement or visibility. She tackles choreography from different kinds of angles: from the aspect of sound, as well as from the camera eye; from a point of historical research as well as from a point of cultural diversity; from a musical perspective as well as from a technological or a scientific one. Her work was presented in the UK, Lithuania, Turkey, Austria and Israel. In venues such as the Israel Museum in Jerusalem or the Theater Museum in Vienna. Hild received the Startstipendium, a scholarship for young emerging artists in Austria, was part of a mentorship program for young female artists and was one of the winners of the Fidelio prize for performing arts.