Mo 13. Juni 2022 19:30 – PEACE2022-ARTISTS AGAINST THE WAR

two hours projection of videos by artists from all over the world.

Josef Ka will be present. 


‘Peace2022 – Artists Against the War’ is an off-line digital project encouraging artists from all over the world to express their anti-war position and support the anti-war movement everywhere on our planet. The initiative presents anti-war art from 25+ countries made by 70+ artists – with more contributions arriving daily. The duration of the program in its various forms runs from 1-3 hours. Curator: Josef Ka.

This initiative has no connections to any funding or donating organizations – yet we strongly encourage any and all donations to humanitarian anti-war initiatives.

Note: As many contributing artists are in countries where their participation may put them at risk, the project emphasizes the country the work comes from rather than the name of the contributing artist. We ask that, in solidarity with at-risk artists, all participating artists minimize the mention of their own name in their submitted artwork. To contribute your own artwork, or present the program in your museum or gallery, please contact josefka@yahoo.com

Eintritt frei, Spenden erwünscht.