Do 10. November 2022 19:30 – Free Forms Duo: Maps And Traces

1. Domains/Boundaries. 2. Alignments/Disalignments. 3. Song of the Maps. 4. Circular Traces.

The key to Maps and Traces is not only the way the duo responds closely to each other’s audio and visual impulses in the sacred environment, but that the sensitivity of actions radiate to the audience. Rather than being passive listeners, they are encouraged to be directly involved as a vital part of a community, unfolding little by little and observable in realtime.

Each of the 4 segments will have a pair of visual “scores”. Although there is a graphic score for the performers and one for the audience participants, anyone may “break out” of the system and respond to either of the paired scores. The performer scores will be mostly images that Gloria and I have created and discussed. The audience scores will be mostly words suggesting a sound or action and placed around the room. Both audience and performers will be able to wander freely through the space and respond to the scores. The order will loosely follow the numbers but it is not necessary to be strict about it. It will be set up in such a way that the audience is encouraged but not forced to actively participate.

Pair 1 for example: 1. Domains/Boundaries.

Performer Score:

Audience Score:

The Free Forms Duo combines improvised sounds, call and responses, synchronised and non-synchronised events for woodwinds, strings, percussion and voice, and realtime interactions with original graphic score/artwork (either viewed by or concealed from the audience) that engages with an audience in an innovative way analogous to current performative practices.

In creative freedom sound and visual art immerse the performers and their audience in a subtle dialogue of inquisitive thoughts about our ability to adapt and generate new thoughts. Through a systematic approach to perceptions of maps and markings, shifting between distance and proximity, we trace the periphery. Each event alignment is similar to the last…and yet, not. What appear to be diverse gestures by the highly contrasting instruments and graphic notations, gradually reveal the variants of an inner connectedness.

Free Forms Duo is developing Maps and Traces as a new project. Performing together in collaboration with local small art galleries, (Vienna 2018), the following is a link to the most recent: Snim – das kleine Symposion 2021 – to be prepared

Brief Biographies:

Gloria Damijan – Extended Toy Piano(s), Berimbau, Percussion, Objects, and Visual Art Gloria Damijan studied piano and music pedagogy at Music University Vienna with a focus on contemporary music and free improvisation. She has studied with Manon-Lìu Winter, Burkhard Stangl, Franz Hautzinger and Ian Pace and collaborated with Stefan Fraunberger, Vinzenz Schwab, Klaus Filip, Arnold ‘Noid’ Haberl, Christine Schörkhuber and Ye Hui. Working together with composers Tamara Friebel, Margareta Ferek-Petric, Veronika Mayer,Matthias Kranebitter. Damijan has performed in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisboa, Porto, Oslo, Hamburg and is a member of the Viennese Improvisers-Network snim. https://gloriadamijan.wixsite.com/website

Elisabeth Kelvin – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophones, Xaphoon, and Visual Art After studying clarinet in the USA (Doctor of Musical Arts) and Australia, Elisabeth held various teaching positions, including MSU Department of Integrated Studies, Victorian College of the Arts, Tasmanian University Conservatorium of Music, Tamworth Conservatorium of Music and had numerous engagements as a clarinetist in musical societies, chamber ensembles, and orchestras. Pre-pandemic performances include the Währinger Improv Festival (Vienna), V:NM Festival Graz, Wiener Festwochen, ISOS “Spirals” Concert Series, as well as with internationally renowned bassoonist Lorelei Dowling (Klangforum Wien) as part of St. Ruprecht’s New Music Series. While taking an extended residency in regional NSW, Australia and working with contemporary Indigenous artists, Elisabeth was introduced to the role and meaning of place in social connectivity, improvisation, symbolic and abstract art, and movement in live performance and graphic score composition. Since then, she has been frequently invited to participate in numerous festivals and performance series in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cork, Coventry, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Detroit, Lansing, and Chicago. Recent world conditions have created an emphasis on collaborative social media projects with the international arts organization ARTSREACT (Melbourne), Valek (Vienna), Kunstbetrieb (Vienna), and a commissioned project with composer John Plankenhorn titled Are You Showing Symptoms? (USA/Austria). http://www.elisabethkelvin.wordpress.com 

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