Do 11. Mai 2023 19:30 – Instant Dialogues

Hanousek/Legros duet
Waclawiczek/Rosilio duett

Quartet Reunion

„Instant Dialogues“ ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe in der jeweils zwei KünstlerInnen aus unterschiedlichen medialen Hintergründen auf der Bühne zusammenkommen. Es entstehen Dialoge, im Sinne einer „Instant Composition“ – Alles entsteht im Moment, nichts was auf der Bühne passiert ist geprobt oder vorbereitet. Die unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Ausdrucksweisen, Persönlichkeiten und medialen Sprachen die hier zusammenkommen kontrastieren, verschwimmen und werden zu einem gemeinsamen Ganzen, das von der Unmittelbarkeit, und Unverfrorenheit des Moments lebt.

Radim Hanousek (Saxophon/Klarinette)

Roberta Legros (Tanz/Performance)

Elena Waclawiczek (Tanz/Performance)

Yoram Rosilio (Kontrabass)

“Instant Dialogues” is a series of events in which two artists with different media backgrounds come together on stage. Certain dialogues are created, in the sense of an “Instant Composition” – everything is created in the moment, nothing that happens on stage is rehearsed or prepared.The different artistic expressions, personalities and media languages that come together contrast, blur and become one thing that lives from the immediacy and brazenness of the moment.

Radim Hanousek (saxophone/clarinet)

Roberta Legros (dance/performance)

Elena Waclawiczek (dance/performance)

Yoram Rosilio (double bass)

Das war’s:

Elena Waclawiczek (*1986) is a visual artist, choreographer based in Vienna and Paris. With the body and movement in relation – with space, surrounding, other bodies, materials, objects … she is creating performances, video works, installations, paintings, graphics…

Most of her researches, solo- and collaborative works are dealing with improvisation as method and issue of research. As part of the Collective LiSi*A (Liberating Structures for Improvised Art) she is connected to the european Project and Network SHARE. She is collaborating with artist of various disciplines: musicians, visual and cross-over artists, painters, poets and dancers…a.s.o. all over Europe and worldwide.



Roberta Legros (CZ / SK)is a performer, choreographer, and dance teacher based in Brno, Czech Republic. She has been working in the field of dance since 2009.

Roberta’s artistic work comprises intimate solos, duets and larger dance performances with live music. Her work has been presented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Spain. Robie regularly initiates interdisciplinary projects reuniting artists-improvisers that she met across Europe. Actually, her artistic interest lies in space architecture as the dancer´s dynamic partner and in an ontology of a poetic image arising from a dancing body. She regularly teaches workshops in improvisation and instant composition.


Czech saxophonist Radim Hanousek focuses on various forms of improvisation, intermediality and projects on the border of jazz and contemporary classical music both as a performer and a composer. 

He co-founded the Norwegian-Czech jazz quartet NOCZ and Prague Music Performance Orchestra with a focus on music of Anthony Braxton. 

Since 2013, Hanousek has been running his own project combining jazz, contemporary and improvise music Dust in the Groove.

He collaborates with musicians all over the world (Roland Dahinden, Ayako Kato, Iva Bittová, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Tobias Delius, Rieko Okuda, Lily Kiara, George Cremaschi, Michael Fischer, Claudia Cervenca, Martin Küchen, Ernesto Rodrigues, Hernâni Faustino, Sylvia Bruckner and many others).

Hanousek is the dramaturg of the international FAUN festival – Explorations in Sound.



Yoram Rosilio is a bassist in the fields of Jazz, improvised, contemporary and traditional music. He stands as a leader and composer of the International Big Band “Anti Brain Rubber Factory” and in the sextet « Tikkun » . He has been working with dance, performance, painting, Theatre, sculpture and other disciplines. Since 2018, he is the Co-founder and co-organizer of the prodgect S.H.A.R.E ( European network in creative music and improvised arts) and the Organizer of the SPIME (International Festival of improvisation in Paris). Since 2016, he is the Co-founder and artistic director of the Parisian Collective Le Fondeur de Son and of the attached phonographic label LFDS Records.






Bass Player – Composer – Conductor.

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