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Do 27. Juni 2019 19:30 short pieces #2

Gloria Damijan – Piano, Toy Piano Wolfgang Dokulil (Wodo) – live digital graphic, Konzept short pieces #2 ist die zweite Performance des gleichen Konzeptes, diesmal mit Gloria Damijan. Die erste Performance findet mit […]

Fr 3. Mai 2019 19:30 Kepl / Marty

Fred Marty (F) – Kontrabass / Irene Kepl – Violine Teil 1: “Pirouette” – CD Präsentation Teil 2 Streichinstrumente auf die Bühne – offene Impro Session, come and join! Der Kontrabassist Fred Marty (FR) […]

Mi 17. 4. 2019 19:30 Guillaume Gargaud

Guillaume Gargaud is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He’s already participated about twenty albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance and movies. He has collaborated with many musicians, Marc Edwards (NY), Ben Bennett […]