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Sa 24. Februar 2018, 17:00 Uhr – P.E.I. Yedda Lin (Klavier) mit Alois Eberl (Posaune) im KunstbeTrieb

My music could be noise,
could be psychedelic,
could be bizarre… It’s an art work.
PEI is the keyword: “Passion, Energy & Intensity”
                                                                                           – Yedda Chunyu Lin –

Yedda Lin

Alois Eberl


Sa 24. Februar 2018, 20:00 – CIA DEBUTANTE im KunstbeTrieb

CIA DEBUTANTE (experimental duo from Paris)

freedom indoor workshop, eternally temporary composition. lofi spirit, spoken word, guitar, synths. hits from the future.
(chemical imbalance records, tanzprocesz, royal sperm, crudites tapes, eden prositute after hours)